Biophysic alassays and screening



WuXi AppTec has established a number of biophysical and biochemical assays and methods which can be combined according to the needs of a specific project.  Our INTRACT platform comprises various methods for biophysical assays and screening in low to medium throughput.  It is ideally suited for fragment screening or validation of compounds from focused libraries, HTS hits or collections generated from virtual screening approaches.


The WuXi AppTec biophysical assay platform includes measurements of enzymatic activities, on/off binding kinetics, KD analyses and stability determination of proteins. The INTRACT biophysical analytics and screening platform is made of a versatile series of orthogonal assay technologies for hit validation including:


  • Alpha Screen   
  • DSF / nanoDSF
  • Enzyme Activity  
  • Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy*   
  • Fluorescence Polarization Assays  
  • Kinetic Assays
  • LC-MS Screening*
  • Microscale Thermophoresis (MST)
  • NMR Screening*
  • SPR
  • SwitchSENSE

* access to technology and devices through long-term relationships with local collaboration partner

Our robotics-enhanced screening platform provides efficient, cutting-edge technologies for protein biophysical services and for the analysis and validation of compounds. Thus, INTRACT enables highly accurate and sensitive measurements under close-to-native conditions to reliably guide the optimization of your compounds.


The platform can also be used for fast and reliable control of protein quality, measuring bimolecular interactions such as protein-protein, fragment-protein binding, and the analysis of DNA, RNA, peptides or antibodies interactions. Additionally, INTRACT can be added to any computational chemistry or crystallography project to analyze the interaction of fragments with the respective target proteins in more detail, making INTRACT perfectly suited to cross-validate and prioritize compounds for co-crystallization.



Microscale Thermophoresis


WuXi AppTec’s subsidiary, Crelux, is the most experienced world-wide user of Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) technologies and is one of the few NonoTemper certified MST providers. Services include; assay development, supply of proteins for MST (or other assays), fragment screening, fragment or hit validation and any kind of interactions studies.


For eight years, WuXi AppTec has successfully applied MST with Monolith NT, 115 NT, LabelFree and NT automate devices for hit and fragment validation, making us the most experience CRO for MST.



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