Innovative Translational Research Platform (NHP)



  • 50,000 square foot facilities located in our Chengdu site

  • Offer models on non-human primates, canine and swine

  • AAALAC accreditation in 2022



OIU’s innovative Translational Immune-Oncology Platform provides a full-range of in vivo and in vitro non-clinical pharmacodynamics evaluation programs and immune profile screening services.


2 functional centers:

--Translational Research Center of Large Animal for Innovative Medicine

--Center for Bio-Medical Research & Testing


Service Provided:


Biomarker Research and Tissue Banker

PBMC, FFPE, fresh frozen tissues, microbiome and other bio-specimens collected from non-human primates, canine and swine

Comprehensive strategy for the measurement of DNA, RNA and protein biomarker as pharmacodynamics readouts.


Animal pre-clinical pharmacodynamics models

Experience in inflammation, oncology and rare-diseases, including but not limit:

       PBMC Immune Profiling

Ex vivo / in vivo T cell activation

LPS-induced actue inflammation


Bioassay, Biosafety and Virus Testing

Bio-analysis for new modalities with method development and validation;

Mycoplasma, sterility, endotoxin and virus testing of cell lines, cell culture processes and biotherapeutics 


To learn more about immune profiling, biomarker and in vitro assays, please refer to below link: