WuXi AppTec Discovery Services 

WuXi AppTec Discovery Services support clients in the discovery and development of future therapeutics. Through comprehensive discovery and technology platforms, peer-recognized scientific leadership and expertise in oncology, immunology, infectious disease, neurosciences, fibrosis, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, we work collaboratively to rapidly advance programs from target through to preclinical selection and beyond.

WuXi AppTec Discovery Services encompass biology, chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and ADME/PK, in addition to the capabilities of newly acquired HD Biosciences (HDB), and is trusted by over 3,000 international clients, ranging from pharma and biotech to academia and non-profit institutions.

This integration of capabilities allows a collaborative environment, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity. WuXi AppTec strives to continually develop and enhance its scientific capabilities and technology to maintain its industry leading position. We aim to provide outstanding services to our existing partners and to the broader discovery community!

Over 7,000 scientists
Laboratories and sites across US, EU and China
Over 7,000 chemical reactions everyday
AAALAC-accredited facility & GCP/CAP compliant laboratories
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Global Customers
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