Non-GLP safety and toxicity assessment for cadidate selection



Our Safety Pharmacology group profiles compounds for potential adverse drug reactions at various R&D stages, thereby helping to deliver high-quality drug candidates faster and at lower cost.



Integrated Cardiovascular Safety Assessment


  • Cardiac ion channel safety panel with manual and automated patch-clamp: all CIPA recommended channels including hERG, hCav1.2, hNav1.5 (early and late), hKCNQ1/mink, hKv4.3/KChIP2.2, hKir2.1 channels
  • Human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes cardiotoxicity testing with MEA
  • Action potential recordings in heart muscle and/or Purkinje fibers
  • Telemetry ECG, blood pressure and core body temperature recordings in freely moving animals



In Vivo CNS Safety Assessments


  • Irwin or FOB test
  • Rotarod test
  • Locomotors activity
  • Grip strength



Off-Target Panel Screening


  • >90 Kinase Assay 
  • 100 GPCRs (For GPCR list, please click here)



In Vitro Safety and Selectivity Profiling 


Identify off-target based adverse drug reactions (ADR) at early stage of drug discovery. Such information may help guide compounds of interest through downstream in vivo tests for potential liabilities, and reduce attrition of drug candidates and even withdrawal of approved drugs.


Led by a group of experienced scientists in drug discovery, safety panel team offers in vitro mini-Safety Panel Service for early pharmacological profiling of off-target and adverse effects of lead compounds or PCCs in drug development stage. Data are also useful for drug candidate SAR design. Assay targets in the panel are selected to form a minimal panel, recommended by scientists from four major pharmaceutical companies, to provide broad and diverse early in vitro safety assessments of testing compounds. Compounds can be screened by radioligand binding, biochemical and/or functional assays.

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