Autoimmune and inflammatory animal models



Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA

  1. Collagen induced arthritis (CIA) in DBA/1 mice

  2. Collagen induced arthritis (CIA) in Lewis rats

  3. Adjuvant induced arthritis (AIA) in Lewis rats

  4. Spontaneous RA model in hTNFα transgenic mice

  5. Anti-collagen antibody induced arthritis (ACIA) in mice


Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis, EAE

  1. MOG35-55-induced EAE in C57BL/6 mice

  2. MBP68-86-induced EAE model in rat



  1. Imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation

  2. hIL-23 induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, SLE

  1. SLE in MRL/MpJ-Fas/J mice


Experimental Sjögren’s syndrome, ESS

  1. Saliva gland protein -induced experimental Sjögren’s syndrome in mice


Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD

  1. TNBS-induced colitis model in mice

  2. DSS-induced colitis model in mice

  3. Chronic DSS colitis in mice

  4. Oxazolone-induced colitis model in mice

  5. Naïve T cell-induced colitis model in mice

  6. IL-10-/- T cell-induced mice colitis model in mice

  7. Spontaneous colitis models in mice


Atopic Dermatitis, AD

  1. DNCB-induced AD model

  2. MC903-induced AD model


Delayed Type Hypersensitivity, DTH

  1. mBSA-induced DTH in mice

  2. DNFB-induced DTH in mice

  3. Oxazolone-induced DTH in mice



  1. PMA-induced ear edema model

  2. LPS-induced cytokine production in mouse and rat

  3. LPS-induced airway inflammation in mouse and rat

  4. Anti-CD3 antibody-induced inflammation in mouse

  5. Cecal ligation and puncture (CLP)-induced sepsis model in mouse

  6. TNF-α-induced shock model in mice

  7. ConA-induced cytokine release in mice or rats

  8. Ruiqumod-induced cytokine release in mice or rats

  9. KLH-induced T cell dependent antibody response in mice

  10. Carrageenan-induced paw edema model

  11. ZymosanA-induced peritonitis model in mice

  12. Thioglycolate-induced peritonitis model in mice

  13. Cerulean-induced acute pancreatitis in mice



  1. MSU-induced air pouch inflammation in rat


Graft Versus Host Disease, GvHD

  1. Allogeneic bone marrow transplant induced-GvHD