Biopharmaceutical assays

Protein Stability and Aggregation


WuXi AppTec offers the highly accurate and robust characterization of protein stability by analyzing thermal unfolding, aggregation and chemical denaturation using nanoDSF technology – an advanced Differential Scanning Fluorometry (DSF) method.


Advantages of nanoDSF:

  • Native – label and dye free conditions, any buffer
  • Precise – ultra high resolution
  • Fast – 48 capillaries within 3 seconds
  • Broad – all target classes, concentrations from 5 µg/ml to > 250 mg/ml
  • Efficient – low sample consumption


WuXi AppTec offers a broad application range for antibodies and membrane proteins:

  • Buffer and formulation screening and optimization
  • Quality control
  • Stability screening for antibodies in cell culture supernatants


The development of biologics requires precise biophysical analytics at all stages in the process. With nanoDSF we measure protein melting curves that are truly label free by analyzing intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence. By using nanoDSF, proteins can be measured in any kind of buffer containing any type of additives (e.g. detergents). Moreover, the dynamic range of simultaneously measurable concentrations spans from 150 mg/ml down to 5 μg/ml in a working volume of 10 μl. The technology is used for analysis of protein quality and stability, with applications including protein engineering, formulation development and batch to batch comparison.


For our clients we can analyze:

  • Tm - Thermal unfolding
  • Tagg - Temperature onset of aggregation
  • Cm - Chemical unfolding
  • DeltaG - free folding energy and prediction of long-term stability


WuXi AppTec is currently operating the Prometheus NT.48 from NanoTemper with its advantageous low sample consumption and a broad concentration range from ng/mL to mg/ml.


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