Cancer Cell Panel & In Vitro Oncology Assays



We offer a diverse in vitro screening panel of over 378 authenticated, well-validated human cancer cell lines across 21 organs/tissues. The cancer cell panel provides powerful tools for cancer research and drug discovery. Key features of the WuXi AppTec cancer cell panel include:

  • High quality cell banking system: mycoplasma-proof and STR verified
  • Single agent and combination compound screening for potency (% inhibition & IC50) and synergy (combination index CI)
  • Professional design with stringent quality control of study results
  • A database of cell growth curve and Standard of Care (SoC) validation data provides guidance for cell model selection
  • Fast study turnaround
  • A comprehensive range of functional assays



Large Scale Human Cancer Cell Lines for Cell Panel Services


A wide range of 378 human cancer cell lines is available for oncology drug discovery programs. The cell banking system is a two-tiered banking system with mycoplasma testing and STR validation. Established cell growth data and standard of care profiling enhance the quality of study. The table shows the distribution of 378 human cancer cell lines, sorted by the origins of derived organs/tissues.



Synergistic effects of Compound X with Ibrutinib in TMD8


Potency Correlation of Compounds (kinase assay & cell proliferation assay)


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