The advances in cryoEM technology, especially through the development of highly sensitive detectors and better computing infrastructure, have made it a valuable technology for drug discovery. Applications such as structure determination of large macromolecules, membrane proteins, weakly expressing targets and antibody epitope mapping, profit from improved resolution.


At WuXi AppTec, we run several initiatives to offer negative staining and cryoEM services. Specializing in the production of large protein complexes and difficult to express and purify targets, we offer tailor made proteins in buffer optimized conditions at their highest purity and homogeneity, allowing suitability for assays, biophysics, crystallography and cryoEM.


Since 2015, WuXi AppTec has maintained a tight collaboration with Eyen (, a Central European company specialized in high performance computational solutions for nanostructure analysis and cryoEM technology. With an increasing demand, we have also recently expanded our collaboration with Diamond Light Source (UK).



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