Protein Production



We produce high quality recombinant proteins tailor made to meet our clients´ needs. In our PRIME PROTEIN program, we are advancing innovations in protein expression systems and purification processes to generate stringently quality-controlled proteins for use in assays, screening, cryo-EM and crystallization. Protein can be expressed in E. coli, insect and mammalian cells in milligram quantities.


For hit validation, target proteins are produced with our highly parallelized expression and purification platform. Our innovative approach in protein expression generates stringently controlled premium proteins – for use in house or delivered to the client. Decades of accumulated protein expertise enable us to provide you with difficult to produce proteins and protein complexes: e.g. membrane proteins, secreted proteins metabolic enzymes, proteases, heat shock proteins, nuclear receptors, epigenetic proteins, phosphatases and kinases.


With our proprietary bi-turbo vector system, we express target proteins in parallel in E.coli and insect cells from the identical plasmid construct. These vectors are available with different baculovirus promotors for optimal timing of recombinant protein expression. Optimized virus DNA backbones, developed by us, allow convenient co-expression of additional factors to enhance yield and homogeneity of recombinant proteins. Our highly parallelized expression systems are optimized to significantly increase protein recovery thus making the process time cost effective


In addition, CRELUX offers recombinant proteins from mammalian cell culture, e.g. HEK cells, as well proteins specifically labelled for NMR experiments.


All our customized recombinant proteins undergo stringent quality control, are tested for stability and supplied to you only after all specifications are met.


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