WuXi IO comprehensive platform

  1. WX-IO ImuFunc to provide in vitro immune functional assays

  2. WX-IO Syn and WX-IO Xeno to serve in vivo efficacy studies

  3. WX-IO NHP TSci to provide translational services of new modalities in NHP

  4. WX-IO TILs and WX-IO mIF to serve as pre-clinical and clinical biomarker services


WX-IO in vitro assays

  1. Immunology Assays covering multiple immune cell types (activation, differentiation, suppressive and other co-culture systems)

  2. Immune cell profiling in tumor infiltrating leukocytes (TILs) and other tissues

  3. Functional and intracellular marker analysis (e.g.: PD-1, TIM-3, 4-1BB, ICOS, Ki-67, IFNγ, Granzyme B, etc.)

  4. MSD/Elispot/ELISA/CBA/ICS based cytokine detection

  5. Antibody-mediated immunological assays (e.g.: ADCC/CDC/ADCP)

  6. Human/Mouse/NHP PD analysis


WX-IO in vivo models

  1. 70 syngeneic models and corresponding immune-checkpoint humanized models

  2. IO-Xeno Panel: 1660+ fully-characterized CDX and PDX models combining with different humanized systems (hPBMC, hHSC, etc.)

  3. Responsiveness panel to immune therapies including CPIs, bi-specific antibodies, CAR, oncolytic viruses and vaccines

  4. Luminex/MSD based cytokine release detection

  5. Tumor microenvironment analysis for immunoscore by FACS, IHC and IF, anatomical localization of in vivo anti-tumor immune responses