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At WuXi AppTec we distinguish X-ray crystallography projects into three types:

XPRESS: A large collection of previously established and disease-relevant targets are readily available from our XPRESS portfolio, demonstrating 15 years’ experience as a top-level service provider in the field of structural biology.

XPEDITE: Available published structures and protocols are used to rapidly set-up crystallization systems that match the project requirements. Subsequently, additional structure timelines and pricing will follow the XPRESS model.

XPERT: For challenging targets, modes of action and de novo structures as well as antibody-antigen complexes.





The XPRESS model offers over 200 off-the-shelf targets readily available for co-crystallization and represents one of the largest portfolios of established targets for rapid, low risk analysis in complex with small molecules. Choose your target and send us your compounds and receive high quality complex structures, usually with a  turnaround times of only a few weeks.


To achieve this, WuXi AppTec has optimized expression, purification and crystallization conditions for XPRESS targets. We are constantly adding new XPRESS proteins to our portfolio and have a large number of additionally established targets, that are not yet listed, that are also available under XPRESS conditions.


Contact us for information regarding your specific target and request a detailed XPRESS proposal that matches your specific needs.

List of available targets: Tyrosine Kinases ABL ALK AXL1 C-FMS C-KIT ……





In XPEDITE projects, we offer quick access to published targets and their disease relevant variants. XPEDITE grants you reliable and quick access to complex structures of published targets with your proprietary compounds. The XPEDITE model structure is the same as for our XPRESS portfolio, only with the addition of an initial protein production phase (about 8-12 weeks) followed by 8 weeks’ average turnaround time for subsequent complex structures. XPEDITE projects also include the work on disease relevant mutations of established targets and the optimization of published but low quality structures. Additional protein constructs might be required to address the specific project needs. 


With the dawn of personalized medicine and the occurrence of inhibitor resistant variants in cancer patients, the investigation of disease relevant mutations becomes more and more important. XPEDITE grants you access to complex structures of mutated target proteins and enables our clients to investigate the molecular mode of action for their drug candidates.





The XPERT projects comprise of de novo structures as well as structures of challenging targets, such as integral membrane proteins, full-length multi domain proteins or large multi-subunit protein complexes. 


If you are looking for professional and skilled solutions for customized protein production and de novo structure analysis projects, our XPERT model can precisely meet your requirements. Our team of highly experienced experts will design and implement a robust and reliable process to enable customized structural analysis of even the most challenging targets.  Many years of experience and broad expertise in protein science has resulted in the successful solution of structures from more than 200 different target proteins. 


We are firmly committed to meeting your needs on time and budget. To facilitate a high level of transparency, we provide you with immediate status reports, face-to-face meetings and regular telephone conferences. Final and intermediate project data are immediately transferred to the customer to enable them to control the results we provide.


Examples of XPERT targets cover multi-subunit protein complexes (core + regulatory subunits), RNA/DNA complexes, protein + nucleic acid complexes, membrane proteins and membrane associated complexes, and partially folded protein and complexes. 


Benefit from our flexible, fair and success-based payment plans and contact us for your tailor-made proposal


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