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Ion channels are important drug targets because they play a crucial role in controlling a very wide spectrum of physiological processes, and also ion channels are closely related to drug safety. WuXi AppTec Discovery Biology Unit has been providing ion channel services for over 10 years. We offer a broad portfolio of functional assessments on ion channel at various drug discovery stages to accelerate your new drug discovery progress.  



Ion Channel Expression System Generation


  • Ion channel stable cell line generation
  • Ion channel BacMam expression system construction



Cardiac Safety Services


  • hERG and other cardiac channel testing: ion channel cardiac safety panel (CIPA compliant)
  • Stem cell derived cardiomyocyte studies with MEA

Click here for more information about the cardiac safety services. 



Ion Channel Drug Discovery Services


  • Compound screening: Ion channel HTS, support hit finding to lead optimization programmes
  • MOA studies for lead compounds: Conventional patch-clamp studies at cellular or tissue level, using stable cell lines expressing ion channels, native cells (dissociated DRG cells, primary cultured cortical or hippocampal neurons) and/or IPSC derived neurons or cardiomyocytes



Electrophysiology Instrumentation


  • Automated patch-clamp: QPatch HTX, IonWorks Quattro
  • Manual patch-clamp: Axon and HEK systems
  • Fluorometric Imaging Plate Readers: FLIPR Tetra, FDSS7000
  • Microelectrode array (MEA)


QPatch HTX, 48-well recording           IonWorks Quattro, 384-well recording        Manual patch-clamp    MEA (Maestro Pro), 768 simultaneous live recordings






Sodium channel IV curve obtained with QPatch 


GABAA current recorded from primarily cultured hippocampal neurons with manual patch-clamp



Effects of Quinidine on human stem cell derived ventricular cardiomyocytes recorded on MEA


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