OncoWuXi Database



  • In October 2015 WuXi AppTec launched the OncoWuXi database, a cutting-edge online platform for you to find the right cancer models.

  • In June 2021, we further upgraded this online database to include more comprehensive model types, a better search engine and other additional features.

  • We aim to make it a powerful tool to help researchers around the world identify the most relevant tumor models and facilitate oncology drug discovery and translational science. This tool will also keep you up to date on our capabilities and services in this area.


This link ( will help direct you to the OncoWuXi browser. Its new features include:


  1. Comprehensive datasets and precise search engine

    • 4 genomic datasets (CNV, mutation, expression and gene fusion)

    • 2 immune datasets (HLA for PDX and TIL for syngeneic models)

    • Up to 5 combined gene filters to precisely dig out the very model you need

  2. Inclusion of the most relevant cancer model types

    • Classic PDX, CDX and syngeneic models

    • Drug resistant models: acquired resistance in vivo and engineered models

    • Immuno-oncology models

    • Nude rat tumor models

  3. Knowledge sharing system

    • Our knowledge of popular cancer drug targets and drug hunting strategies

    • Our innovative service platform introduction

    • Our publications, presentations and conference posters (coming soon)