Discovery Biology

Discovery Biology


Discovery Biology Unit provides validated discovery assays, including in vitro assays (HTS, SAR screening support, compound selectivity and early safety profiling, and cancer cell panel profiling) and in vivo disease models in cardiovascular, CNS, respiratory, metabolic and infectious diseases. Founded in 2008, we have multiple function teams of ~500 scientists, including 11% PhD, 55% MSc, and led by 12 seasoned scientific leaders with an average of 15 years of R&D experience in the US, Canada, and UK.



Capabilities at a Glance


  • >400 global collaborators including 14 partners from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • 4 locations, including 400 scientists working on in vitro and in vivo biology in Shanghai, 30 scientists in our pharmacology team in Suzhou, and 50 scientists in Qidong.
  • CAP-certified FACS, as well as pathology services and a molecular testing Laboratory for clinical virology
  • A total of ~400 biologists, offering plate-based screening, and pharmacology services under FTE or FFS models
  • >30 Ph.Ds trained in US & Canada, 10 with >15 years R&D experience
  • 43,000 sq Ft of Biology labs and AAALAC-accredited animal facility
  • 50,000+ sq Ft of new small animal facility is under construction at Qidong, Jiangsu



In Vitro Biology




In Vivo Pharmacology & PK/PD




Infectious Disease




Safety and Early Toxicity




Full AAALAC Accredited Lab and Facility


Our clients repeatedly select WuXi AppTec due to our commitment to the highest industry standards in every study we conduct, and this begins with the animals.



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